I still remember the day when I gave my JEE 2017. My centre was one of NITs and my expectation had also melt down from IIT to NIT post my test series results. From the dream of getting into one of the IITs, now I was ready to settle for any of the NIT.

I entered the examination hall at around 8 AM. As is customary, my father dropped me at the centre even though I could have easily gone by myself. I had crammed all the shortcuts and formulae for JEE(Main). It was time to apply those. Question papers were distributed at around 9:20 AM and exam started at 9:30 AM sharp. As soon as I got the paper, I realised that questions this time were different from previous JEE questions. I had obviously taken the previous tests multiple times. I thought it was good as it would take the cutoff down.

I started my paper with math’s section. I generally follow the sequence of Maths, Chemistry & Physics. This is because, for me, Mathematics is the toughest section in paper, followed by Physics and Chemistry.   I start with Maths as it requires most time and analysis, Chemistry in between provides a breather. Chemistry is more of a fact based exam. You either know it or you do not.

Mathematics section was tougher than expected. I was done with Mathematics with 20 minutes before half time. Then, I switched to Chemistry. Chemistry was easy and most of it was directly from NCERT. So, if anyone is planning take JEE(main) in future,  be very thorough with NCERT. One should be clear with all the concepts and formulae mention in the NCERT book. Conceptual clarity is a must to answer the question. I had an hour to spare for Physics. Physics questions were of intermediate difficulty level. There were few questions which were testing multiple concepts together; let’s say the friction and buoyant force.

These are following pointers which I want to share with other JEE aspirants-

1)      It’s very important to know when to give up. There were times when I thought I had the answer if I devoted little extra time. But rather than devoting too much time on one question and risking others, I would simply flag these questions to review later.

2)      If you do not know an answer. You may also try to eliminate the options that you know for sure are wrong. Out of 4, if you can eliminate 3 choices, you have your answer. If you eliminate 2, you have better odds even if you take a guess. Always take an informed guess. Blind guessing is NOT advisable at all.

3)      It is very important to keep a time check. Every hour, take a minute break and assess your progress and recalibrate your speed accordingly.

Finally, the bell rang. It was 12 noon.  Invigilator was standing infront of my desk. I requested him to give me few extra seconds so that I could mark few of the Maths questions that I had left for review. But he insisted and snatched the answer sheet.


I came out of the exam centre and my parents were waiting outside. They had the most clichéd question that every parent ask, “Kaisa Hua?”. I also replied how everyone else does, “Theek hua”. Then we strolled around the campus. The campus was huge with greenery all around. There were multiple hostels and academic blocks and it was all very luring. But somewhere in my mind I was still juggling through the questions. There were few questions where I had got the unit wrong or forgot to divide the sum by 2 to get the final answer.

My parents were busy talking to students presently studying in NIT. The journalist in them had taken the driver’s seat and they interviewed students about various branches, the faculty, the facilities, the food in mess, their branch, their CGPA and last but not the least, the PLACEMENTS.

After all this, we finally went back to home. Later in the evening, I checked my tentative score. There was detailed solution available on JEEtips.com website. After evaluating the paper, I was very thankful to the invigilator. The Maths section was tricky one and I would have scored negative if I would have taken wild guesses at the eleventh hour.  My score is good enough to get me into one of the better institutes in India.

Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best!